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10 Jun 2016 What is the best wood to choose for raised garden beds? Which wood lasts the longest? Can the wood harm my garden? Find out the best wood to choose.

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Yes, you can use them. The key is to use "regular" pine boards and not pressure treated/preserved boards because those contain chemicals that can leach into your soil and then into your veggies (don't use railroad ties, either). Pine is not the best choice, however, because it is a soft wood and will not last as long as other woods. Cedar is a better choice, although expensive. Other choices are recycled plastic HDPE "boards" or composite wood boards, both of which 

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Frame It All – Simple Modular gardens. The gardens that grow with you. Frame It All 4ft. x 8in. x 1in. White Curved composite boards are the basic building blocks of your raised garden bed design. Our revolutionary curved composite boards make it possible to incorporate circles and curves into your raised garden bed. Straight and curved composite boards can be combined in the same design. Use in conjunction with any One Inch Series bracket to easily construct the raised garden 

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Plastic raised Beds. Our composite plastic raised garden bed kits are often the most affordable raised beds available. They also will never rot or splinter and most of our plastic raised beds are made from recycled materials. We even have self-watering raised beds made from strong composite materials. composite raised Beds give you the look of wood, but the durability of composite materials. Combining wood fibers with plastics means the beds are lightweight and easy to maintain 

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raised beds make it possible to have a vegetable or flower garden even if you have poor soil. composite lumber is a recycled product made of wood shavings held together with various kinds of binders such as plastic resins. ACQ Lumber. If you want to use a pressure-treated wood for your raised beds, look for lumber with a label stating it was treated with ACQ -- alkaline copper quat. ACQ a water-based alternative to traditional pressure-treated wood. Traditional pressure-treated 

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Use the Soil Calculator to figure out how much you need for this raised bed. raised garden beds are the easiest way to grow your own fresh vegetables. No digging, no weeding — just lots of delicious food! Our forever raised Beds set up in minutes and last for decades. Made from a composite of recycled wood and plastic, they have the attractive look and feel of silvery aged cedar, but will never splinter or rot. Aluminum brackets keep the sides straight and true. Generous 10-1/2" 

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14 Jan 2011 It's almost two years since I spent a long weekend adding raised beds to my front garden and I'm pleased to say that the thicker wood appears to have paid off – they are holding out very well and I expect to get another 5 – 10 years use from them. After two seasons of crops I would definitely say my raised beds have been a success. for a larger garden or allotment I might look at other options but for enriching soil and helping children access the garden without 

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2 Feb 2016 Regardless of how you get your raised garden, they can be a wonderful way to grow veggies. However, they do have one downside. If made of wood, they will eventually rot. Decomposition is inevitable. But, there are ways to construct a raised bed that will lengthen the life and the looks. Because I wanted to do both, I decided to construct a DIY composite raised garden. One thing that I was concerned with, before choosing my materials, was safety. I wanted something