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13 Apr 2016 You're permitted to have two layers of asphalt shingles on your roof, so if there's only one in place now, you can have a new layer installed right on top. That will save you as much as $1,000 and a fair bit of mess, but it means the roofer can't inspect and repair the decking and flashing underneath. If you live in a cold climate, stripping away the old roof allows the contractor to install ice and water shield, a rubber membrane used to prevent leaks at the eaves in the event 

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11 Aug 2015 Skip sheathing for shake roofs used to be really common around my area of the country and I've never removed it (or seen anybody else remove it for that matter). OSB or plywood over skip sheathing makes for a much stiffer roof deck, resists problems with expansion better, and obviously doesn't require all the hassle of removing it. After you strip the roof, do spot repairs to the existing sheathing where needed, then go right over it. You'll want to use both longer 

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Install baffles providing a minimum of 1 inch of clear space between framing and/or under roof sheathing at eaves to ensure that ceiling or roof insulation does not block ventilation paths. For vaulted or cathedral Stand on the panel over the framing near the fastener location to ensure contact with framing while driving fasteners. Fasteners should be Remove wrinkles and flatten the surface of the shingle underlayment before installing asphalt or fiberglass shingles. Step 5: Install 

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If the original roof deck is boards; when the old roofs are torn off there are now open spaces between the boards. Heavier underlayment can be put down first but over time it will sag into the spaces (as shown by the black lines in the drawing). When a nail ends up in the “void” it will usually leak within 5 years. What if some of the new synthetic underlayments are used instead of the normal “organic” underlayments? Some may insist the polypropylene used in most of these will seal the 

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3 Jan 2013 How bad is your roof sheathing? In order to validate your shingle warranties you must have a sound surface for the shingles to adhere. If the wood is compromised in any way and you do not have proper underlayment and new plywood your shingle warranty becomes a limited 10 year instead of a lifetime limited. Please always check the condition of the roof sheathing before installing your shingles or your flat roof membrane!

Roofing: Why do we need plywood over our old solid sheathing

2 Jun 2017 Learn more at /roofing-why-do-we-need-plywood-over-our-old-solid-sheathing/ We are often asked, why do we need plywood over our old so

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18 May 2015 roofing tricks: Hello everyone, I come across many roofs like this , with space sheathing, People that don't know about roof specs, think you need to install. are : when shakes were installed back on the 1930's and wood shakes also were installed over 2' inch space sheathing, in those cases you have to install plywood over the existing to make it solid or the last option is to fill in the gap with new space sheathing , but that is time consuming and cost almost the same .

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8 May 2013 GAF- Mastering The roof (chapter 04) Nothing is more critical in roofing than preparing the surface underneath the shingles. Sometimes, there can be hidden d

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It hard to say without seeing the structure but it sounds like the decking was under engineered for the weight of asphalt shingles to begin with. You could put the OSB overtop but by the time, you clean that surface up (pull nails, etc) and adhere the new surfaces together, you might as well strip it. You're also leaving extra weight on the roof and if you are already feeling degradation between the rafters, you may ultimately end up with the same problem just thicker.

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18 Oct 2017 Damaged roof plywood. While there are some legitimate ways to cut costs that will not jeopardize the integrity of your roof, others do more harm than good in the long run. One such dangerous way to save money is to install a new roof over the old layer of shingles, instead of tearing it off. Another, is to forgo repairing old plywood/sheathing before doing the install. Some roofers desperately looking to get your business by luring you in with “big savings”, may suggest to 

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I wouldn't worry too much about it. The plywood is not typically supporting a load of more than the paper and asphalt shingles that were placed, even more so if you have a considerable pitch on your roof to where it would be difficult or impossible for a person to walk on. It basically serves so that you have something to nail the shingles down securely. Most newer homes use plywood, I have an older home that used what looks like rough cut deck planks and those are 

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5 Jul 2004 I agreed to continue with the purchase after the owners agreed to an addendum to the purchase offer requiring them to install a new roof to include sheathing/decking. I recently got a copy of the contract with the roofer and discovered that new plywood will be installed over the existing damaged plywood. The damaged sheathing will not be replaced. Is this an adequate repair for this problem. What plywood thickness should be used. I am very concerned. The roof is 

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Remove Existing roof Material Down to the Plywood. Remove all existing roof coverings, whether shingle, slate, or tile and rolled material, right down to the plywood or sheeted roof deck. Shingle manufacturers specify that if their shingles are installed over any of these roofing materials, the warranty will become null and void.

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26 Aug 2001 Can new plywood be installed on a 40-year-old roof without removing the old? Roy Gingrich of Ellicott City has a 40-year-old house with an asphalt shingle roof surface. The existing asphalt shingles need replacement, so he plans to do a tear-off and re-shingle. Because the plywood roof sheathing under the shingles has become brittle and weak, he plans to install new plywood as well as new shingles. But can he simply install new plywood over the old plywood