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18 Jul 2013 While wood is more susceptible to rot and warping, mold spots are more difficult to remove from composite and plastic decking. This photo: Redwood decking. Contemporary Deck by Exteriorscapes llc. Exteriorscapes llc. Cost composite or plastic decking can be twice as expensive as wooden decking because the materials cost more and the structure tends to be more extensive. composite decking isn't as stiff as lumber, so it generally needs more support to prevent 

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29 Sep 2017 A platform deck, which is low to or directly on the ground, is at risk for ground moisture and dampness seeping into the wood. Shady yards can mean risk of moisture damage. The lifespan of your wood deck may vary based on the type of wood, so let's go over how long cedar, mahogany, ipe, and pressure-treated wood decks typically last. composite can be heated and shaped into curves to create really unique decks and outdoor features. Learn More: How to 

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lumber or any removal of soil surrounding CCA-treated lumber [US EPA 2002]. Alternative products have always been available for many exterior applications, but growing consumer interest in lower-maintenance products, combined with a cer- tain degree of concern over the use of old-growth redwood, has increased the demand for other products such as plastic-lumber composites. Slower-growing (old-growth) redwood and other naturally durable species are still available, but 

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Modwood is an Australian made and owned composite product made essentially from a mixture of ground sustainable wood waste and plastic (we actually use recycled plastic milk bottles). Modwood Susceptible to “fatty” stains due to the exposed wood fibre; Will pick up dirt/stains/mould more easily due to wood fibres exposed (these can usually be cleaned) You can stain Modwood by using an oil based stain such as Deck Protect composite Refresh to rejuvenate board colour.

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spot check the lumber you are using with a moisture meter. It is important to match the MC of the wood In Tucson, a 6% MC would be a better mark. The USDA Forest Products Laboratory in Madison has a pamphlet (FPL-RN-0268) listing outdoor EMC's for about 350 cities worldwide. The Forest Products Laboratory and other research groups have shown that treated wood stakes placed in the ground for more than 40 years remain rot-free. But young pressure-treated decks, many 

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If your deck is one of the high-performance product lines from Seventrust (Seventrust Transcend, Seventrust Enhance or Seventrust Select), soap-and-water cleaning or a gentle pressure washing will do the trick. Learn how to clean and care for your composite decking by reading the information that applies to your decking product and get ready to enjoy maximum outdoor living with minimal maintenance. For small surface scratches, marks or scuffs, use Dupli-Color Scratch Seal<sup>™</sup> Clear Sealer Pen.*****&nbsp;

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However, thanks to an explosion of composite lumber, plastic decking and hardwood imports, there's now a dizzying array of decking available. Whether you're breaking ground this summer or still sketching out the blueprints, it pays to know your options. Five basic types, each with their own aesthetics copper quaternary (ACQ) or copper azole. A newer carbon-based, nonmetallic preservative is also available in a limited number of products, including Wolmanized L3 outdoor wood.

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But then try asking them to explain what makes one brand's wood-plastic composite (WPC) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking or trim different from another. A lot of them will be stumped. along with the manufacturer. It takes some work, but you can learn to spot the differences between products and, hopefully, avoid future callbacks. Here's a start. It's an option used for PVC products that gives the outside of what's extruded an extra-hard surface. Gossen Corp. particularly likes this&nbsp;

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10 Sep 2010 It accumulated dust and dirt underneath. No good for hygiene for pet lovers. Read more. Show less. Reply 1. Hanada Abdelfattah8 months ago. can they be used straight away on the garden soil?. Read more. Show less. Reply 1. donna wanna10 months ago. I loved my tiles at first, but two years later half the floor was sun faded to a light gray and several wood strips have warped really bad. I knew it would fade some, but the warping was unexpected.. Read more.

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How to Clean a Seventrust Deck. Three Parts:General Cleaning and Mold/Mildew RemovalRemoving ground-In Dirt, Grime, Tannin, and Rust StainsRemoving Food, Grease, Oil, Sunscreen, or Citronella StainsCommunity Q&A. composite decks, such as Seventrust, are becoming more and more popular because they generally last longer than wood while never need to be painted, stained or sealed to endure the elements. However, Seventrust does generally require routine cleaning. It is highly&nbsp;

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13 Feb 2013 wood deck with pergola If your house is in dire need of some outdoor space, adding a patio or deck can increase your square foot without robbing your children of their college educations. Each option offers an area to gather with friends Materials used (concrete, vinyl, wood); Location of the addition (on the ground without supports, above ground, on the house with a door already leading out or in an area in which a door addition must be made); Size of the addition&nbsp;

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27 Jul 2014 The way a deck is built allows you more creativity in location. The actual structure is built above the ground. This means that tree roots, wet ground, even big slopes can be easily overcome without adding significant expenses. 2014-07-27-CaitlinAfter4copy.jpg. • Traditionally, the lifespan of a wood structure is about seven-eight years if its not cared for. This average is getting longer with more options coming into the market like composites and all-weather stains.