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26 Jul 2010 The obtained results showed that, after accelerated weathering, the composites retain a higher fraction of the original mechanical properties. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) was used to monitor the changes of carbonyl and vinyl groups and dynamic rheology was used to evaluate the viscoelastic behaviour of the studied composites. Keywords: oak wood composites, artificial ageing, FT-IR, mechanical properties, dynamic rheology. INTRODUCTION.

Improvement of Dimensional Stability of Acacia mangium Wood by

Key Words: Acacia mangium, anti-swelling efficiency (ASE), heat treatment, water-repellent effectiveness (WRE), vietnam. Received: April 4, 2013. Revised: May 2, 2013. Accepted: May 5, 2013. Corresponding author: Tran Van Chu. Department of wood Processing, Forestry University of vietnam, Xuan Mai Town, Chuong My Distric, Hanoi, vietnam. Tel: 84-433840233, Fax: 84-433840063, E-mail: Introduction. wood is a natural polymer composite, mainly 

Australian wood-plastic composite (wpc) weathering board

Australian wood-plastic composite (wpc) weathering board / cladding / wall panel / panel.

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Natural weathering was conducted in Ruokolahti, Finland in the time of year when solar radiation was maximal. The accelerated weathering tests included exposure to a xenon-arc source with and without spray, and a cyclic test consisting of water immersion–freeze–thaw stages. Findings. – Both the type of weathering and the formulation of the composite determined the degree of change in their properties. weathering, including xenon-arc exposure with spray resulted in much higher 

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Alcohol Films for Antimicrobial Applications 536. Nano to Macro Scale wooden composites. Session Moderator: Levente Dénes, University of West Hungary, Hungary. Armando McDonald, University of Idaho, USA. Grafted a-cellulose - poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) Biocomposites .537. Changle Jiang, West Virginia University, USA. Synthesis of TEMPO Cellulose Nanofibrils Stabilized Copper Nanoparticles 

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The purpose of study was to comparison of outdoor and artificial weathering of wood using compressive strength along fibers. The study involved tropical wood species from South America: garapa (Apuleia leiocarpa (Vog.) Macbride.) and angelim pedra (Hymenolobium sp.) available commercial in Europe and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and European oak (Quercus sp.). The specimens were exposed to outdoor weathering and an artificial weathering consisting of alternating 

Weathering of High-Density Polyethylene-Wood Plastic Composites

18 Sep 2013 Due to the widespread use of wood-plastic composites (WPCs), high-density polyethylene-wood flour composites (HDPE/WF) were studied in order to determine their stability in different application conditions. UV degradation and periodic absorption/desorption of moisture cause damaging changes to material during WPCs' exterior application, so it is necessary to ensure WPCs' durability against atmospheric influences. Samples were characterized by FTIR 

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All measures that are taken to ensure a long life of wood fall under the definition wood preservation (timber treatment). In moist and oxygenated soil, there are few treatments that enable vulnerable wood (softwood here) to resist for long against bacterial or fungal degradation. Detail of sample in photo above. Apart from structural wood preservation measures, there are a number of different (chemical) preservatives and processes (also known as timber treatment, lumber treatment or 

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Research Interests: wood anatomy, wood durability, wood products, wood science, wood technology. Contact Info; Teaching and Research; Publications; Media. Department of wood Science. Forest Sciences Centre 2900. 2424 Main Mall. Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4. Canada. work phone: 604–822–0517. · My research is unusually broad and involves wood anatomy, protection and bio-based composites. I am particularly interested in 

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J. Matsumura et al, Afforestation Technology on Acid Sulphate Soils in The Mekong Delta, JICA-FSSIV, Hochiminh City, vietnam, 185-192: Possibility of development for uses of Melaleuca cajuputi wood, 2000.12. 2. .. Fumiko Hatae, Yutaka Kataoka, Makoto Kiguchi, Hiroshi Matsunaga, JUNJI MATSUMURA, In situ Visualization of wood Degradation during Artificial weathering by Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscopy., 11th Pacific Rim Bio-Based composites Symposium, 

The study of influence artificial weathering on color changes of

Abstract: The study of influence artificial weathering on color changes of selected wood species from Africa The work deals with the change in color selected tropical wood species from Africa during artificial weathering: doussie. (Afzelia sp.), iroko (Milicia excelsa (Welw.) C.C. Berg.) and opepe (Nauclea diderrichii (De Wild. & Th.Dur.) Merr.). The accelerated weathering method was used to determine the influence of ageing on color stability of wood. This methods consisted of 

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10 May 2015 The incorporation of RH into polymer matrices provides advantageous characteristics, such as biodegradability, light weight, toughness, and resistance to weathering, and also makes the final products more economically competitive [30, 31]. Compared with wood-based composites, the RH filled polymer composites have higher resistance to termite and biological attack and also better dimensional stability upon exposure to moisture. Thus, these composites are 

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