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how to Remove Stains From plastic Laminate Countertops Don't let any type of cleaner or solvent pool over seams in the laminate or along the edges. It can seep under the laminate, weaken the adhesive and damage the particleboard substrate. Use white rags to avoid staining the countertop with fabric dye. Gentle solvents like paint thinner, or harsher solvents like denatured alcohol, acetone and nail polish removers, often work on the toughest stains, including ink (Photo 2).

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8 Jul 2014 From - Swimming pool Steve gives some feedback on what you can do to remove the stains around the waterline of vinyl liner s

How to Clean Mold & Mildew From a Vinyl Pool Hunker

19 Mar 2010 Vinyl pools come in varying sizes, from baby pools to family-size pools. No matter what the size, any pool is susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew thrive in

How To Remove Calcium Scale Deposits From Your Pool Wall

The first step it to stop all swimming pool use until a water test can be performed. If the test reveals that the levels are within range, you can use a stain and scale remover to remove the deposits from the water line. If the pH, alkalinity or calcium levels are too high, they will need to be lowered before using a stain and scale cleaner.

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8 Oct 2013 Vinyl pool liners are less prone to stains than plaster pools, but they can occur - metal stains, chemical stains and organic stains can occur on the vinyl or on plastic steps or ladders. I find that pool owners If you are in the 'stain averse' group, and would like to remove stains in a vinyl liner pool, read on ~. Metal Stains: Iron They are a mixture of dirt, minerals, oils, pollen, etc., that sticks to the edge of the pool, and are usually easily removable. Use a pool tile and 

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2 Jun 2012 pool stains, yuck! Here's how to prevent pool stains, or remove them if you already have some. a 90 degree fitting on the end to deliver the acid to a stain on the pool wall. If the entire pool is lightly stained however, you may end up with a reverse stain – a bright white spot, surrounded by a darker color. This may involve trimming trees or bushes around the pool, investing in a better winter pool cover or an automatic pool cleaner. Some of the worst pool staining can 

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Sometimes, it can be fairly easy to get rid of stains, but other times, those hard-to-remove spots can take a bit more than a simple scrub. Calcium comes from plaster, grout, mortar, or cal-hypo chlorine shock and shows as white crystals. . If your stain is all around the waterline of the pool because of material floating at the top, an enzyme-based cleaner will help to break down organic compounds and oils by speeding up the chemical reactions that assist in making stains virtually 

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18 Aug 2008 however, the rain did leave a narrow greasy black ring at its top level around the sides of the pool and the inside of the skimmer basket. The ground here is black clay, and it has not The black clay here stains badly (floors, clothes, walls, etc) and usually requires pretty heavy duty cleaners to remove. 28 ft round Doughboy Sand Dollar II AGP, Aug it rolls around the skimmer and collects the oils and grime tunig it from white to grey / black jb. 14x28 IG Vinyl 12.5k gal

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28 Jul 2013 to address this problem, the source of pool stains must be identified, and the appropriate solution introduced as soon as possible. Follow along here.

How To Remove The Scum Line From Your Swimming Pool

There's no worse feeling than looking at your swimming pool and seeing the infamous "scum line" around the pool. The scum line is caused by a build up of organic waste that clings to the pool wall. Below are a few steps that will help you get rid of it.

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2 Mar 2013 Generally speaking, organic pool stains respond best to a treatment with oxidizers. For plastered pools, you can just dump powdered shock right onto the bio-stain, and watch it instantly disappear, but you can't do that with a vinyl liner pool, can you? Organic pool stains can deposit themselves only around the main drain, on the steps or corners of the pool. Balance the chemistry, add super pool shock, according to directions. If that doesn't remove the organic stains, 

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Clean the liner with a pool brush. to remove surface dirt and grime on the pool liner, use a pool brush with nylon or plastic bristles. pool brushes are curved and often come with an extendable handle, making it easier for you to clean the pool liner. Run the brush over the liner to remove dirt and debris. Make sure you clean the sides and the bottom of the liner. You can dip the brush in a bucket of pool water to clean it as you go. The pool brush should remove surface dirt and grime 

How To Remove Calcium Buildup & Scum On Swimming Pool Tiles

27 Jan 2014 /b/LmiI - Clear Blue pool /b/1Y2r - how to Clear Up A Green pool Here's the best way to remove the nasty calcium and scum b

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Hard water stains on your pool tiles appear as a cloudy white residue caused from large amounts of minerals in the water, such as calcium limestone and magnesium, and as the water evaporates, mineral Use a nonabrasive scouring pad to remove the hard water stains. Do not attempt to clean the tiles Rubber gloves; Eye goggles; Respirator; plastic bucket; plastic measuring cup; Muriatic acid; Old plastic spoon or piece of wood; plastic spray bottle; Nonabrasive scouring pad.

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31 May 2009 Then remove enough water from the container so that the water level in the pool and in the container is exactly the same. Now leave the container If you lay down on the deck, over the skimmer lid, and look upside down into the skimmer throat, you will see the white plastic square rim of the skimmer. On the bottom and in a vinyl liner pool: Turn off pump and dye test around skimmer plate, and all wall fittings, underwater lights and drop in step, seat or spa sections.

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18 Jul 2014 Vinyl pools - the composition of vinyl makes it less likely to stain in most cases, however organics, metals and minerals can stain and deposit on vinyl liners or plastic in-pool steps. As a liner ages Hold the pipe over the stain for approximately half a minute, and then slowly move it in a circular pattern around the stain, increasing the circle diameter with each revolution. For rust stains Acids can remove rust stains from vinyl, but could damage the vinyl. The Blue Stuff