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Having a wood patio cover built in your yard will improve your property value and provide a place for friends and family to gather (see Creating the Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Space). wood is a popular However, the downside of using a natural material like wood is that it does need periodic sanding and re-painting, or staining, to continue looking its best. “If someone wants a natural wood color, I use all-heart redwood,” says Alison Terry, a landscape architect in Fullerton, CA.

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Lumber. Quality Lumber Products In Stock. for more than 50 years, J&W Lumber specialized in quality redwood lumber, bringing the beauty of Northern California to our Southern California customers. today, we're still redwood experts, but we also offer a wide selection of pressure treated lumber; western red cedar; rough Douglas fir; and hardwoods including oak, alder and poplar. It's all here: rough lumber, surfaced lumber, architectural timbers, and more, ready for you to eyeball, 

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14 Apr 2008 Ask yourself a few questions to determine what type of wood patio cover best suits your needs: Do you entertain outdoors often and tend to spend a lot of time on your patio? Do you use your patio for meals, recreation and other outdoor activities? Do you store items such as a barbeque grill, outdoor furniture and other times on your patio? Do you have pets that need a well-covered outdoor area? Does the area in which you live have special weather-related conditions 

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1 Sep 2015 Okay, I have to admit that at heart, I'm a traditionalist. I really do think a wooden patio cover looks great on most homes. You have many different options when choosing wood, so you can pick something light-colored like redwood and pick out different stains or go big with Doug fir using a paintable stain or solid color paint. Also, your patio builder can apply any number of stains to bring out the natural beauty of the wood's colors and to match it to the color of your home.

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10 Jul 2013 Aluminum patio covers Aluminum patio Designs at modern day technology has advanced Aluminum patio covers to have an aesthetically pleasing look to them that can stand up to the elements for a virtually maintenance-free period of years. They are less expensive then wood patio covers but they can match the aesthetic of the house from which they will be built and they can also be built to look like wood. to choose the best aluminum patio cover though you will 

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4 Nov 2010 for best results, choose a patio roof that corresponds with patio use. Year-round use, as opposed to seasonal use, may require a different material.

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I'm seeing a fair amount of Ipe used for porch decks, partly because it's also a very hard wood -- so dense it sinks in water, which is one of the reasons it's sometimes referred to as ironwood. Warning: ipe wears out sawblades quickly (carbide recommended) and some folks develop an allergy to the sawdust. I'd be a bit more willing to have ipe near my veggies than equivalent amounts of PT, but that should still be checked on; anything bugs and fungi won't eat should 

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8 Sep 2011 With contemporary porch columns leaning to high-tech plastic and fiberglass, some homeowners remain true to natural wood. The choices vary from affordable columns made with fir

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At J&W Lumber, we're patio cover experts, and we look forward to helping you add a beautiful architectural element to your backyard that provides welcome shade. Choose from one of our pre-designed kits or work with our designers to create a custom patio cover that you can install yourself, or enlist the help of one of our preferred contractors. Whether you select composite, redwood, hardwood or an Alumnawood shade structure, the result will be stunning and functional.

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26 Sep 2017 Local woods. for ideal, longer-lasting outdoor structures, it is best to choose local woods. Local woods will better withstand the local climate. Cedar. Cedar is gold-brown in appearance and among the most popular of wood choices because of its availability, affordability and durability. Pine. Pine is a softer wood that is lighter in color and appearance. While pine is inexpensive, it is not always the most durable of woods. Redwood. Redwood is also considered to be a 

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24 Oct 2017 This, combined with their natural beauty, makes them a favorite for outdoor projects such as patio roofing and decking. But these woods can be more or length of dimension lumber. One of the best ways to save money on a project is to pinpoint the right grade (not necessarily the best grade) for each element. rafters, and open-style roofing. You'll see 1 by 2s, 2 by 4s, 4 by 4s, and other typical sizes of boards and dimension lumber used in patio roofs and gazebos.

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9 Jan 2015 Metal is a very good conductor of heat. patio covers that are made of regular aluminum panels may make you uncomfortable when you stand beneath them. Your best bet: Alumawood™ patio covers. Alumawood combines the best qualities of all three material types. It has the strength and light weight of your regular aluminum panels without the heat problem. It's engineered to look and feel like natural wood but doesn't need painting. Like vinyl, it isn't prone to warping 

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I think I've reached the paralysis by over-analysis stage. I'm going to build a patio cover. I was going to use an appearance grade PT wood for the posts and beam, a construction grade PT for the ledger board, and premium standard and better

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6 Apr 2016 There are many types of eco-friendly wood choices available on the market today. The internet is the best place to start learning about sustainable wood and where you can get structures that are made by these materials. Lattice patio covers made of wooden materials are by far the most popular design in wood outdoor structures. The beauty and intricate elegance of lattice work has been a number one choice by many homeowners who wish to use wooden materials 

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patio covers are always exposed to the harsh outdoor elements so choosing what type of wood to use is important. The wood that is chosen should be able to endure all climates and subsequently, result in the least amount of maintenance. Pine is a wood that will easily hold paint. However, pine does not have the anti-rotting agents that hard woods have – so like all other softwoods they are generally unacceptable choices. (This is with the exception of the amazing southern yellow