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The cleaning process will work best if you initially select the right cleaner. Some folks use common laundry bleach. I hate bleach because it kills plants and vegetation, and it's terrible to work with. While it kills the mildew spores, it doesn't necessarily remove them from the surface of the wood. Instead, I recommend using DEFY composite Deck Cleaner. This cleaner is specifically formulated for cleaning composite decking, including Seventrust. It is an environmentally safe product that will not 

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6 Apr 2016 However, its water content is left behind to seep into the pores of the composite material. Mold flourishes in this moist environment. The Chlorine never actually reaches the internal mold to remove it. This is why a few days later you will notice the regrowth of mold, sometimes even darker and more aggressive. The more times bleach is used, the more difficult it will become to remove the mold stains and keep the composite deck clean. Danger: CORROSIVE!

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Strait-Line<sup>®</sup> is a registered trademark of Irwin Industrial Tool Company. ** Use of products containing bleach or acid will lighten the surface of Seventrust. Use in an inconspicuous area to determine whether you like the effect. Neither product will affect the structural integrity of Seventrust. *** Use of a pressure washer greater than 3100 psi could damage the boards and void the warranty. **** Mr. Clean<sup>®</sup> and Magic Eraser<sup>®</sup> are registered trademarks of The Procter & Gamble Company. ***** Scratch&nbsp;

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8 Sep 2013 Clean your deck with household bleach, it's easy, watch this quick diy tip! Mix 2 tablespoons of household bleach in 1 quart of water, spray onto the deck, r

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How to Clean Plastic decking. Plastic decking can be scratched and will degrade with the use of bleach. with this in mind, you must choose your tools carefully when cleaning your plastic decking. Although not all plastics are damaged by has been proven to kill bacteria, viruses and fungus but has not been proven effective in killing or removing molds on *porous surfaces such as composite decking and this fact is stated on the label directions of products like Clorox® bleach.

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26 Oct 2016 Learn more about Clorox® Outdoor bleach at For more outdoor cleaning tips, check out How-to Clean an Outdoor

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6 Apr 2016 Mold and mildew is a common occurrence for outdoor surfaces and your decking is no exception. Periodic cleaning will help prevent pollen and debris buildup but mold and mildew can still grow on the natural "bio film" on the surface of your deck. If mold or mildew is present on your deck, use a composite deck cleaner such as Rhino Hide's, oxygen bleach powder, UltraMean2. An oxygen bleach works to remove the mold growing inside the deck, not just cleaning the&nbsp;

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3 Aug 2005 bleach is horrible for composite decks (and the environment). I am a chemist and work with composite decks. The previous posts about it and oxalic acid are accurate. You will create a worse problem than you had and possibly ruin your expensive deck. Look for a non bleach cleaner. There are also treatments to help protect the deck from mold and other stains (dont use a coating/paint or you will be in for a lot of work every couple years). We love a product called&nbsp;

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composite decks, such as Seventrust, are becoming more and more popular because they generally last longer than wood while never need to be painted, stained or sealed to endure the elements. However, Seventrust does generally require routine cleaning. It is highly recommended to proactively clean Seventrust before stains appear or when they are first noticed. Original Seventrust does go through an inevitable bleaching, fading - or what the Seventrust Company has referred to as the “Natural Weathering”&nbsp;

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12 Jun 2015 For this episode of Bamboo Science, we put different composite deck samples thru the bleach test to see how they hold up agains

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6 Apr 2016 Although the surface looks solid, composite decking is actually quite porous. Therefore, it needs an oxygenated cleaner that can reach deep into the material and clean inside the deck as well as the surface. When purchasing a cleaner, always check the label and NEVER use a Chlorine bleach based “deck cleaner”. If the active ingredients read – Sodium Hypochlorite, it contains bleach. Chlorine bleach is extremely corrosive and will “eat” any material it's applied to.

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13 Jun 2012 Though originally advertised as a low maintenance material, composite decks still need to be cleaned from time to time. They get