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A great feature of wood composite products is that you can have a great performing deck without the need for staining, oiling or painting etc, and the deck will continue to last without rotting, cracking or splinters. however, wood plastic composite products being wood-based and will only look their best if given some degree of care. The amount of care/attention required on your deck will most likely be directly proportional to the local environment of the deck, an area surrounded by 

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Redwood decking is vulnerable to all sorts of damage because it usually doesn't have a hard finish such as what you find on an interior floor. Your children can scuff it up while playing, and even the pets occasionally have a go at it with their paws or teeth. The fact that the deck doesn't have a finish is an advantage when it comes to removing scratches and damage, but it still takes some effort. Sponsored link. 1 Assess the condition of the deck before you start. if it's discolored or 

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however, unlike most timber when you purchase it, ModWood is a “finished product”. Therefore scratches and scuffs can sometimes be more noticeable than some timber decking or screening products. (Note – the ModWood “brushed” surface rarely shows any noticeable scratching due to the outer surface of the board being removed during the brushing process). it is recommended by ModWood that for decks under 100% cover, the boards are installed “brushed” side facing upwards 

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Minwax Wood Finish Stain Markers. The color choices mentioned below pertain specifically to timber Tech's Earthwood line. But i'm guessing Minwax has colors to match practically every shade of composite deck material out there. For timberTech's Earthwood product line, the rep said to use these Minwax stain markers to cover up any deep scratches: minwax-wood-finish-stain-marker.jpg. “Dark Walnut” matches timberTech's Walnut color planks. “Cherry” matches timberTech's 

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18 Mar 2015 This video shows how to repair any scratches or gouging marks that might occur on a composite deck. The ULTiM8 Deck is unlike most composite decks in that deep scratches and gouging marks can easily be repaired simply by sanding. No need to replace damaged boards or cover up scratches with marker pens or special paint. No special heat guns or having to call in trades people to repair you deck.

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The initially darker side (smooth), due to excess lubricants on the surface of the product; will show scuffs and scratches more easily when new. By lightly rubbing on a decking oil with a clean rag the marks will be less noticeable e.g. Sceney's Natural decking oil. Exposure to the weather will see the board revert to its natural colour; thus hiding scuff and scratch marks. The "brushed" lighter side provides a more textured "timber-like" look and does not easily show scuffs and scratches.

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Similar to wood decks, composite materials are prone to scratches and dings from moving outdoor furniture. Solutions vary by manufacturer and by product type. Some recommend not working scratches and abrasions as they will blend with the rest of the decking in time. Other manufacturers say that a soldering iron applied to some of their products blends the flaw so that it disappears. in this situation, knowing the product and the company that made it helps determine what process to 

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Lightly sand the scratches and the area around them. dogs and cats still haven't figured out how to open doors, but that's never stopped them from trying. Painted doors can be spackled and repainted to hide the damage, but natural wood doors can be more of a problem. however, if the scratches aren't too deep, you can usually mask the damage with stain and varnish. Sand the damaged area lightly (Photo 1), feathering the sanding into the surrounding undamaged area. Wipe off all 

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Dings, scratches and stains are the most common things you'll need to repair on your deck, and ease of repair varies widely depending on the materials you use. Here's how to on the surface. All you need to do is sand the board until the stain, scratch or gouge disappears and then re-stain, paint or seal the deck to give it a finished look again. There are UV-inhibiting oils available to use on your tropical hardwood deck that act as a sunscreen for the wood to keep the color bright.

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timberTech decking boards are made of durable composite lumber that resists fading, rotting and cracking. While it is designed to resist scratches, it is not scratchproof. if your timberTech decking

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To hide scratches on stained or natural wood cabinets and furniture: Stain: Apply a matching stain to the scratch, wipe off any excess with a soft, clean cloth. Allow the stain to dry, then apply a coat of finish (such as polyurethane) over it. Touch-Up Pen: Apply a matching furniture touch up stain pen or marker to the scratch, and wipe off any excess with a soft, clean cloth. Wax Pencil: For deep scratches, rub the indentation with a colored wax furniture pencil or crayon that matches the 

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Read this to find out how to repair or conceal minor hardwood flooring damage.

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Must be used for decks under roof/cover **; A more uniform appeal when under cover; does not show scratches as easily; A more “timber-like” surface feel; Better non-slip feel in wet areas (e.g. around pools); Heavy scratches may be sanded or wire-brushed out; Less colour shift/fade over time - apart from embossing lines fading; A more durable finish; suitable for under roof and fully exposed deck areas. Surface temperature of brushed feels cooler than the smooth; Can more easily