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Approved agricultural applications for Wolmanized<sup>®</sup> Heavy Duty™ wood include timbers, poles, piles, and fence posts used as structural members on farms, as well as plywood, permanent wood foundations, and glue-laminated timbers. highway. Wolmanized<sup>®</sup> Heavy Duty™ wood is used in a variety of highway applications including: •Timber bridges. •guardrails, posts, and spacer blocks. •Signposts. •Lighting standards. •Noise barriers. life cycle Analysis of CCA Guard Rails.

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structured evaluation methodology that quantifies environmental impacts over the full life cycle of a product or system, including impacts Economic Input-Output life-cycle Assessment. EOL. End-of-life. EPA. Environmental Protection Agency. EPD. Environmental Product Declaration. FHWA. Federal highway Administration. FTIR. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. FWD typically used to fill in gaps in primary data for composite materials and pavement systems. A single&nbsp;

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Derived from the proven highway guardrail system Nu-Guard ® 31, this barrier system provides protection for all road users for local authority roads where the posted speed limit is below 70kph. Features. Vehicle crash retainment together with both pedestrian and cycle protection. Uses standard NUCOR® ground driven steel posts which enable faster installation (using post rammer) and with steel, longer post life. Uses the composite plastic NUCOR® Blockouts which are easy to&nbsp;

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Federal highway Administration. highways for life Program – HIHL-1. 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE. Washington, D.C. 20590. 13. Type of Report and Period Covered. 14. Sponsoring Agency Code. 15. Supplementary Notes. 16. Abstract. The overall objective of In any case, the total life cycle cost is competitive because of the material's innate resistance to deterioration (such as .. Align prefabricated high-density polyethylene pad for bridge railing posts. 26. Figure 31. Photo.

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UV protection is added during manufacturing to extend service life. Approval Letters Mondo offset blocks are FHWA approved for use with strong post steel w-beam, as well as with round or rectangular wooden posts. Conventional Nominal weight. composite guardrail Blocks. 14" for round wood post. GB14R. 6.5 lbs. (2.9 kg). 14" w/o hanger for steel post. GB14S. 6.75 lbs. (3.1 kg). 14" with hanger for steel post. GB14SH. 6.75 lbs. (3.1 kg). 14" unrouted for rectangular wood post.

Life Cycle Assessment of Creosote-Treated Wooden Railroad

This paper compares the cradle-to-grave environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) results of creosote-treated wooden railroad crossties with the primary alternative products: concrete and plastic composite (P/C) crossties. This LCA includes a life cycle .. The modeled representative P/C tie is assumed to be 8% virgin HDPE plastic, 7% talc (mineral filler), and the balance a mixture of post-consumer recycled milk bottles, grocery bags, and tires [44]. Electric energy is required to&nbsp;

Life Cycle Assessment of CCA-Treated Wood Highway Guard Rail

A cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment is done to identify the environmental impacts of chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated timber used for highway guard rail posts, to understand the processes that contribute to the total impacts, and to While most highway guard rails are made of W-beam galvanized steel, the supporting posts are mostly either preserved wood or galvanized steel; The feasibility of composite materials as guard rail posts, has been studied [1], but the current&nbsp;

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11 Apr 2013 ity, and eutrophication. Comparisons of the products are made at a functional unit of 1.61 kilometers (1.0 mile) of rail- road track per year. This LCA finds that the manufacture, use, and disposition of creosote-treated wooden railroad crossties offers lower fossil fuel Keywords: Creosote; Environmental Impact; Railroad Crossties; life cycle Assessment (LCA); Concrete; Plastic. composite. 1. Treated Wood highway Guard Rail posts in the US with. Comparisons to&nbsp;

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16 Oct 2012 funding by the AASHTO Standing Committee on highways, will develop accelerated testing protocols that compare corrosion resistance and permit a life cycle analysis of the two galvanizing methods used for metal guardrail. .. 710.07 guardrail posts. posts shall be of wood or steel. b. Galvanized steel posts shall conform to the requirements of AASHTO M183/M183M if a rolled section or ASTM A769/A769M Grade 36 if a welded section. Fabrication will be in.

Life Cycle Assessment of CCA-Treated Wood Highway Guard Rail

25 Jan 2013 (CCA)-treated timber used for highway guard rail posts, to understand the processes that contribute to the total impacts, and to determine how the galvanized steel; The feasibility of composite materials as guard rail posts, treated wood guard rail posts for highway applications, using life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies. The results of the CCA-treated guard rail post LCA are com- pared to LCA findings for galvanized steel guard rail posts. LCA is the tool of&nbsp;

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13 Dec 2010 life cycle assessment of ACQ-treated lumber with comparison to wood plastic composite decking. Christopher A. Bolin a,*, Stephen Smith b a AquAeTer, Inc., Division of Sustainability, 7430 E. Caley Avenue, Suite 310, Centennial, CO 80111, USA b AquAeTer, Inc., Division of guard rail systems, highway bridge timbers, agricultural fencing,. * Corresponding author. Tel. have the material properties needed for use as joists, posts, or ledgers. 2. Goal and scope.

Economic Evaluation of Treated Wood and Steel Guard Rail Posts

1 May 2013 economic evaluation comparing the life cycle costs of treated wood and galvanized steel wood are also typically wood, but blocks for steel posts may be either wood or of composite probably also for highway use. It is likely that at least 1 million and probably 2 million new treated wood guardrail posts, supporting 1,200 to 2,000 miles of guardrail, are installed every year in the U.S.. Factors affecting the life cycle costs of posts primarily are purchase and installation&nbsp;

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weaknesses of the current systems, and provides recommendations for changes to the strong-post w-beam barrier. This digest is based on a provide for increased safety, reduced life-cycle costs, lower maintenance Recommendations, 20. Popout Post guardrail System, 20. HFRP Post and Rail guardrail System, 20. Leaf-Spring guardrail System, 21. Z-Post guardrail System, 21. Improved SPWB System, 21. Summary, 21. Final Report, 21. Acknowledgments, 22. References, 22&nbsp;

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highway guard rail posts using life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies and following ISO 14044 standards. The results for treated wood guard rail posts are significant. life cycle value of treated wood highway guard rail posts to one (1.0) with galvanized steel highway guard rail post impact indicator values being a multiple of one (if larger) or or steel and include blocking of steel, wood, or composite materials. Scope: Cradle-to-grave. Functional unit: one highway guard rail post.