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BPCA members construct and place "wood duck houses" in areas around the Black River delta, maintain the houses, and record breeding success. The project has History of the Project: The BPCA first sponsored a wood duck house building project in 1971 in coordination with Boy Scout Troop 21 and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. In 1978, the club renewed its interest in wood duck nesting structures and purchased 24 Tommy Tubs plastic houses. None of 

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duck house PLANS FOR wood duck houses « Unique House Plans. a wood duck House. The wood duck (Aix sponsa) is a colorful bird that usually nests in abandoned woodpecker holes, but will readily take to a nesting box of the correct dimensions, placed in the proper location. 10 Awesome Things To Make With 55 Gallon plastic Barrels - Check out these awesome, fun projects that turn regular boring 55 gallon drums into awe inspiring feats of your imagination. One of 

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Inside dimensions should be appreoximately 10x10 inches, and the entrance hoel should be a 3x4-inch oval. Securely attach a duckling ladder of plastic gutter-guard mesh ar 1/4-inch hardware cloth below the entrance hole on the inside. Drill drain holes in the bottom. Use rust-resistant hardware, and provide a door or lid that allow you to clean out the box. A sloping roof may reduce splitting and rotting of this piece of wood. Download building instructions: How to Build a wood duck 

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Types of Boxes. wood duck nest boxes can be constructed from different materials; sheet metal, fiberboard, plastic, and cardboard. Each has advantages and disadvantages but wooden boxes are generally considered the most attractive, blends in well with the natural environment and wood ducks seem to accept wooden boxes faster than other types. Regardless of type, there are some fundamental charateristcs to consider. Inside dimensions should be approximately 10x10 inches 

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wood ducks, Barrow's goldeneyes, common goldeneyes, hooded mergansers, common mergansers *ducks Unlimited staff in the interior of British Columbia indicate that plywood boxes better withstand the season has completed or in the winter, clean out old nesting material from the box and replace it with a fresh layer of wood shavings. This annual cleaning needs to be a part of your long-term maintenance commitment once you place your nest box. Build a duck nest box. 9.25".

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Bird House: How to Build a Wren House. Wren HouseFor The BirdsSmall BirdsBirdhousesBirdhouse IdeasWrensHow To BuildLearn HowBuilding Bird houses. Build an attractive birdhouse that will last for a lifetime, yet only takes a few minutes to build. All you need to create a welcoming home for wrens and other small birds is a short piece of plastic fence post.

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wood duck boxes have undergone some changes during the decades -- early nesting boxes were made of wood, while contemporary models also are made of metal and plastic. Advantages and disadvantages exist for each material: plastic and metal boxes resist rot and deterioration that wood is subject to, but are notoriously hot in warmer climates. Despite the lack of long-term durability, wood remains a popular material for wood boxes, both for its natural appearance in a wooded 

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16 Nov 2016 The cedar box, designed by Minnesota wood duck expert Don “The duckman” Helmeke, has been found productive and safe for wood ducks throughout North America. You can use just about any type of wood to build your nest boxes, but cedar and cypress are more weather-resistant and will last longer. We also recommend installing a predator guard on each wood duck box post. Boxes are more beneficial to wood duck populations if they improve nest success over 

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These wooden structures help boost local wood duck populations. In plastic or metal structures, which have slick surfaces, hardware cloth ladders must be installed to provide ducklings with an escape route. Ideally, a four-inch layer of wood shavings should be added to By building, installing and maintaining nest boxes, individuals can gain insight into the interesting aspects of wood duck nesting and reproduction, while helping to boost local populations. For more information and 

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Good plans for creating a predator guard for my wood duck box. Grrrr - can't actually seem to pin which is the link I really want.

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Learn how to build and care for wood duck nest boxes.

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wood ducks, Barrow's goldeneyes, common goldeneyes, hooded mergansers, common mergansers and buffleheads *ducks Unlimited staff in the interior of British Columbia indicate that plywood boxes better withstand the region's Build a duck nest box. PROCEDURE. Tools needed:handsaw or table saw, drill and 1/2" bit, jigsaw, screwdriver, sandpaper, pencil, measuring tape, straight-edge. 1) Measure and cut your wood to produce the six pieces. Number the pieces as shown.

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Over the years since then I've made about every mistake possible while managing wood ducks and boxes. My biggest mistake was hanging the One good plan for building such a box was designed by the late conservationist, Don Helmeke. Both the box plan and the details of the Boxes made of metal, insulated plastic, and even plywood, when exposed to direct sunlight on hot June days, can become way too hot for the hen and her eggs. White paint and vent holes help, but it's 

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The dramatic rebound of wood. duck populations from near extinction due to over-harvesting and habitat loss in the early. 20 th century is partly a tribute to the successful use of artificial nesting boxes. There is a bit of science and technology involved in successful secondary cavity nester habitat conservation, and the information included in this report should prove useful to the development of a successful program. The process of building and installing artificial nest boxes can be 

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1 Feb 2002 Guidelines for construction and placement of wood duck nesting boxes. We have learned that wood ducks readily adapt to nest boxes (figure 2), which is surely advantageous because it takes 150-200 years to grow an old growth riparian forest. Thousands of Initially, wood boxes are more readily accepted by wood ducks than metal or plastic nest boxes, but after artificial nest boxes have been used well by wood ducks for a while at a site, all should be accepted.

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