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Precast Prestressed Concrete I Bridge Deck Panels

I/•^. precast PRESTR. 4"MIN lal. I/2'. 12. deck PANELS. I+--i f/4. 3. I. CEMENT GROUT f:FLANGE WIDTH. PANELDESIGN SPAN'. I. slab"DESIGN S PAN". SECTION THRU slab. IS, 6-W5.SIW5.5. W W_F SLIFT4NG HOOKS. „. ^^,^ TYP v —C.1/B"STRANDS. PANEL"DESIGN SPAN "+3". I. ^^ io. 4-E0. SPA. AT 5"MULTIPLE! RAKE FINISH TOP. N=NUMBER OF3/g'. I. 270 KS i STRANDS. PLACE STRANDS. SYMM. ABOUT ft. PANEL-. Fig. 1. precast prestressed deck panel details.

Recommendations for the Use of Precast Deck Panels at Expansion

constant thickness bridge decks using PC panels with a cast-in-place topping slab: 1. Is fatigue damage likely to occur under service loads if the precast panels are placed up to the expansion joint edges of bridge decks? 2. What configurations of precast panels are appropriate for skewed edges of bridge decks? As discussed in Chapter 1, previous research using precast panels along the entire length of the bridge deck included only static loading. Question 1 addresses the concern 

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An innovative design of full depth, precast prestressed concrete deck slab panels for use in new as well . The new deck will consist of partial depth precast concrete panels with a cast-in-place concrete topping in-place topping. Temporary spring clips with shim washers will be used for initial placement of the panels. In addition, levelling bolts passing through inserts in the precast panels and resting on the middle of the stingers directly above the web will be used for levelling the 

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Unlike conventional rib and block systems, the Cobute precast slab is an interlocking system that consists of three elements: precast lattice rib, precast panels and polystyrene blocks. Only minimal shuttering is The stirrups are produced with high tensile steel in a continuous bent-length, providing a superior sheer-key between the precast rib and the cast in-situ topping. precast ribs with precast decking detail - perforated panel to accommodate downlighters. The precast panels are 

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Summary of Final Report, BD545-09. March 2006. CRACK CONTROL IN toppingS FOR precast FLAT slab. BRIDGE deck CONSTRUCTION. PROBLEM STATEMENT. precast flat slab bridge construction provides a convenient and economical option for short-span bridges. These bridges are constructed by erecting precast slabs that span from pile bent to pile bent. The slabs form a solid base that acts as a stay-in-place (SIP) form for a cast-in-place deck. Longitudinal 

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As a revolutionary permanent formwork, the Austral deck solution combines precast concrete panels with a cast in-situ topping to create a suspended concrete slab. Austral deck is a exible solution designed to be installed with the entire range of Austral precast Walling, Framework, Stairs and Balcony Solutions offering a complete precast building solution. Austral deck incorporates triangular truss reinforcement (lattice girder) providing a bond between the precast and in-situ concrete 

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Requires Adobe Reader. 4" Concrete slab 1/2" Plywood 2" KINETICS RIM L-2-12 2" topping slab precast Concrete 14" Tee, 73, AT001011 Requires Adobe Reader. 4" Concrete slab 1/2" Plywood 2" KINETICS RIM L-2-12 2" topping slab precast Concrete 14" Tee, 70, AT001012 Requires Adobe Reader. 6" Concrete slab, 53, 27, AT001049 Requires Adobe Reader. Shredded Rubber Flooring 4" Concrete slab KINETICS LSM Isolator 2" Air Space, Vented 6" Structural slab, FIIC 73 

Prefabricated/Precast Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES) for Off

LIST OF TABLES. 2.1 Summary of deck Systems and Their Minimum Installation Times 8. 4.1 Summary of Pros and Cons of Alabama DOT precast slab System 37. 4.2 Summary of Pros and Cons of Minnesota's Inverted-tee System 39. 4.3 Summary of Pros and Cons of NEXT Beam . . . . . . . . . . 45. 4.4 Summary of Pros and Cons of Texas Box Beam . . . . . . . . 47. 4.5 Summary of Pros and Cons of Florida Prestressed slab Unit . 51. 5.1 Summary of Attributes of Top PBES Candidates .

The deck panel and cast in place slab act compositely to resist

BRIDGE DESIGN MANUAL. Supersedes: New. precast PRESTRESSED CONCRETE COMPOSITE BRIDGE deck PANELS. POLICY. COMMENTARY. The deck panel and cast in place slab act compositely to resist design loads. (C1) and minimum 28 day compressive strength shall be 6000 psi. Top surfaces of deck panels shall be roughened (parallel to strands) to ensure composite action between the precast and cast in place slab. Steel girders shall be designed so that the 

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Crack Control in toppings for precast Flat slab Bridge deck. Construction. 6. Performing Organization Code. 7. Author(s). L. Alfonso, R. A. Cook, and H. R. Hamilton III. 8. Performing Organization Report No. 00030907. 10. Work Unit No. (TRAIS). 9. Performing Organization Name and Address. University of Florida. Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering. P.O. Box 116580. Gainesville, FL 32611-6580. 11. Contract or Grant No. BD545, RPWO# 9. 13. Type of Report and Period 

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perimeter of a floor deck field. Pouring a concrete topping on a precast slab. Wash perimeter and cross section definitions. Typical wash detail with reinforcing information. See next page for example topping and wash drawing. Implementation agreements. IfcCovering. Attribute. Implementation agreements. GlobalId. Must be provided. OwnerHistory. Must be provided, but may contain dummy data. Name. <Open>. Description. <Open>. ObjectType. Must be 'CIP topping' or 'CIP Wash'.

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CONCRETE deck TYPES. There are two main types of concrete decks, cast-in-place, and precast. The most common type used in Caltrans is the cast-in-place reinforced concrete deck. The other type is used depending on the various .. deck Top Cover: Ctop = 2.0 in. The minimum cover specified for the bottom surface of the deck slab is: deck Bottom Cover: Cbottom = 1.0 in. 10.6.4 Compute Unfactored Dead Load Moments. The dead load moments for the deck slab, barrier and&nbsp;

Recommended Practice for Precast Prestressed Concrete

the composite top slab and excessive bowing of deck panels prior to installa- tion. It was these concerns that prompted the producer and user survey and has resulted in this recommended practice report. These problems and the recommended solutions are discussed in this report. Additional historical information, ref- erences and photographs may be found in the special state-of-the-art report,. "precast Prestressed Concrete Bridge. deck Panels," prepared by the PCI. Committee on&nbsp;